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Information Lodging in Bali from the cheapest to the most expensive

Lodging in Bali Indonesia from the cheapest to the most expensive prices on this site

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The Cheapest Lodging Prices According to Tourism Areas in Bali according to regencies and cities

1. Badung Regency

Located in the south of Bali island, Badung Regency has a place to stay in 6 kec below, namely

  • South Kuta
  • Kec Kuta
  • North Kuta
  • Mengwi
  • Abian Semal
  • Petang

2. Denpasar City

The provincial district of Bali is the busiest city on the island of Bali with a variety of good places to visit

Denpasar City has a place to stay in 4 kec below

  • West Denpasar
  • South Denpasar
  • East Denpasar
  • North Denpasar

3. Tabanan Regency

The lumbung regency in the province of Bali with a wide range of rice fields

This district has a place to stay in 10 Kec, namely:

  • Selemadeg
  • East Selemadeg
  • Selemadeg Barat
  • Kerambitan
  • Tabanan Subdistrict
  • Kediri
  • Marga
  • Baturiti
  • Penebel
  • Pupuan

4. Gianyar Regency

Well-known for the art culture, the district seems to be in charge of a number of sub-districts that you can know

The existing district has a place to stay at 7, namely:

  • Sukawati
  • Broken heart
  • Gianyar
  • Tampak Siring
  • Ubud
  • Tegallalang
  • Payangan

5. Kelungkung Regency

The regency located in the east of Bali has a place to stay in 4 sub-districts, namely:

  • Banjar Angkan
  • Dawan
  • Kelungkung distric
  • Nusa Penida

6. Regency of Amlapura (Karangasem)

The district is located on the tip of the cucumber of the island of Bali with a variety of amazing tours

Have a place to stay in 8 kec below, namely:

  • Brother
  • Bebandem
  • Karangasem
  • Manggis
  • Kubu
  • Rendang
  • Sidemen
  • Selat

7. Bangli Regency

Districts that have highlands with cool air, bangli

This district has a place to stay in 4 sub-districts

  • Bangli
  • Kintamani
  • Susut
  • Tembuku

8. Buleleng Regency (Singaraja)

The district which is located north of the island of Bali is famous for its history

Even before the provincial capital moved to the market, Buleleng became the center of government in the past

This district has a place to stay in 9 kec below, namely:

  • Banjar
  • Buleleng
  • Busung Biu
  • Grokgak
  • Sawan
  • Kubu Tambahan
  • Seririt
  • Sukasada
  • Tejakula

9. Jembrana Regency (Country)

The regency which is located on the western end of Bali island has a place to stay in 5 sub-districts including:

  • Jembrana
  • Melaya
  • Mendoyo
  • Country Distric
  • Pekutatan

That is the List of Lodging that we show according to the district and the city in Bali

If the sub-district is not listed, it means that there are indeed no inns for rent to the public

If you want to know more about lodging, please click on the links according to your wishes according to the district of the city and sub-district

Or you can book via this Site baliads.co.id